The Institute

Creating environmental information from cientifically supported data

The Environmental Footprint Institute is a non-profit Foundation that aims to bring together companies, organizations and people who work on projects related to the analysis of the environmental impacts of products and organizations by studying their life cycle.

The goal of the Institute is to promote the use of the environmental footprint as a complete indicator of the environmental performance of products, services and organizations, as well as its use as a communication tool for a public that receives more environmental information every day, but many times in a disorganized, incomplete or confusing manner.

The Environmental Footprint Institute is a center for technical discussion and the promotion of methodologies and projects related to life cycle analysis and the study of environmental behavior.

Statutes of the Foundation


The Environmental Footprint Institute, in addition to its work in research and standardization, and the management and dissemination of the EFI Program, provides advice and training related to the environmental footprint, life cycle analysis, eco-design, environmental performance and business environmental communication.


Directly and through collaborators, we carry out training courses related to LCA, the environmental footprint, carbon footprint, and water footprint.


We participate in outreach and dissemination sessions, both in public and private events.


As a partner in innovation and research projects, we bring science to experts in environmental assessment.