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The Foundation Environmental Footprint Institute is a non-profit organization formed by individuals in which different organizations from the business, public and social fields of different countries collaborate.

Currently, the presidency of the Foundation is held by María Dolores Núñez, an economist and accounts auditor with extensive experience in the environmental and agri-food sector.

Founding partners:


La Agriagencia ACODEA, con carácter de fundación, es una de las organizaciones que mantienen un acuerdo de colaboración el Instituto Huella Ambiental. ACODEA incluye entre los servicios que ofrece el cálculo de los impactos ambientales de productos y servicios relacionados con la agricultura y la ganadería, y dispone de su propio sello de calidad homologable con el sello de calidad otorgado por el Instituto Huella Ambiental.


GCAS has built a reputation as a leader in Sustainability Solutions. With state-of-the-art methodology and tools like Air.e LCA, GCAS create business value by putting the metrics into sustainability. GCAS is technically rigorous in its approach, as well as highly experienced.

Fundación Vida Sostenibles

Fundación Vida Sostenible is a the non-profit organizations with which the Environmental Footprint Institute maintains a collaboration agreement. Fundación Vida Sostenible has been working on calculating the environmental impacts of companies and organizations for years and has its own quality seal comparable with the quality seal granted by the Environmental Footprint Institute.

Solid Forest

Solid Forest are experts in Life Cycle Assessment and in developing software solutions for LCA and sustainability accounting. Air.e LCAdeveloped by Solid Forest, is the software tool used by the Environmental Footprint Institution for the modeling and verification of life cycles.

If you or our organization want to be a partner of our Foundation, please contact us.