The EFI Program

Environmental Product Declarations and Environmental Footprints communication program

The Environmental Footprint Institute has created its Environmental Product Declarations Program, called the “EFI Program” to facilitate and promote objective assessment and transparent communication of environmental impacts associated with the life cycle of products and services.

Life cycle assessment is a powerful tool for improving the environment because: it facilitates the detection of critical points in production systems and allows an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of environmental measures carried out by organizations.

Program Instructions

The EFI Program Instructions list and describe the steps to be followed for the preparation of Environmental Product Declarations, or any other environmental assessment report related to LCA, that want to be registered and verified within the EFI Program.

Download the EFI Program Instructions

Other Programs

The EFI Program is mutually recognized by the Environmental Product Declarations Programs of Fundación Vida Sostenible and Acodea, this means any declaration developed in any of the three programs follows the same Product Category Rules and offers maximum compatibility and comparability.

other programs
Program Instructions